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How to become a successful Youtuber and earn money online?


 Hello friends, do you want to know how to become a successful youtuber or do you want to become a successful youtuber, then you are on the right post because today I will tell you how you can become a popular youtuber and earn millions of rupees from YouTube. So, click the subscribe button on the top to follow RatedIQblogs and let's get started. 

Youtube is a very good way to earn money from online or internet and we know that many Youtubers are earning millions of rupees every month from YouTube. And friends, if you too will do a little bit on Youtube, then you can also earn a lot of money from Youtube.

People who make money from youtube or people who upload videos on youtube are called youtubers and this post is on this topic how to become a successful youtuber.
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When we do anything in life, there is some motive behind it and if you want to become a Youtuber, then there will be a motive behind it too. Some people become Youtuber to be famous and some people to earn money. Most people upload videos on Youtube to earn money from Youtube and become a successful Youtuber.

There are many benefits of becoming a Youtuber such as you can earn money sitting at home and you will not need to work anywhere and you can enjoy your life in a full way. In today's time, there have been so many Youtubers in India that everyone wants to earn money from Youtube and many are earning more money by making his channel on Youtube.

So, friends, now you know what is the benefit of becoming a Youtuber, now let's see how you can become a successful YouTuber.


Today, I will give you some tips that will help you a lot to become a YouTuber and you can live a free life, friends. In today's time, many people ask me how we can make a career on YouTube. And how to become a famous YouTuber, friends, I will request you to read today's posts very carefully and read till the end because today I will tell you tips and methods that will give you a lot of benefit and you will get more on YouTube Will be able to earn money

So, friends, without wasting much time, we come directly to our issue.


To become a YouTuber, first of all, you have to create a YouTube channel and it is very simple, all you have to do is login to YouTube with your gmail id and create your YouTube channel. If you do not know how to do this, then I will write a complete step by step post about it so that you can easily create your own YouTube channel and give it below in the link. If you want that post then you can ask in comment box.

There is no extra money to make a channel on YouTube and you can make more than one YouTube channel on YouTube.


Friends, this is very important and many Youtubers make a mistake here that they choose the name of their Youtube channel too big and difficult so that the viewers have a lot of difficulty remembering their Youtube channel. And because of this, they lose a lot of viewers, I have this personal experience that I see many videos on YouTube every day, but I remember very few YouTube channel names.

If I want to see their channel in the future, then I have to search them on YouTube or subscribe. If I do not subscribe to their channel in the first time and want to see their channel in the future, then I have to search on YouTube right. But the problem is that if the name of the Youtube channel will be easy and simple then I will be able to remember it very easily and if the name of the channel is very difficult then it will be very difficult to remember.

So friends, my request is that you choose the name of your YouTube channel easy, simple and small and you can easily remember your viewers. This is a secret forum to grow your YouTube subscribers


Friends, if you want to become a successful Youtuber, then you have to upload useful videos on your channel because this is the best way to get more views to grow Youtube subscribers. Many new Youtubers only upload videos to make their videos grow and then they do not get views and are disappointed. You always have to keep in mind that you have to put profitable videos on your channel and not useless videos

Always keep in mind that whatever video you are uploading on your channel should add some value to your viewers, only then you will be able to become a successful Youtuber.


This is a secret formula and many successful Youtubers that you can see on YouTube today have adopted this technique and they are earning a lot of fame and money on YouTube in today's time. What you have to do here is that you have to be friend more and more famous and popular Youtubers and request them whether you can upload some videos on their channel.

And there are many Youtubers who will definitely help you, so this way must be used and you will not be sure how soon you will become popular on YouTube. If you make technology videos then you can go to Youtube and contact the owner of other tech channels and request them and friends, believe this method is excellent and it will make you a successful utuber very soon.


Friends, if you have to be successful in blogging or on Youtube, then you will always have to support the truth and never have to resort to lies because personally I will advise you that a lie lasts for a few days and right one day Come friends. I am saying this because there were many popular and famous Youtubers who used to lie in starting and got lots of subscribers, but later their reality came to light and their work and reputation was wasted by a lie.

So, friends I will say to you that whatever videos you have on your YouTube channel, they are absolutely genuine and fake videos should not be there, because there is no shortcut to success in life, friends, you have to execute it in the right way.


It is very important that you upload regular videos on your YouTube channel and this is a very easy way to become successful on YouTube. I have seen many Youtubers who do not regularly upload videos on their Youtube channel. And because of which they do not get more subscribers and if there are not many subscribers then there will not be much views and if there are not many views then you will not be able to earn much money from google adsense.

So focus that you must upload new and full videos on YouTube regularly. If you regularly put videos on your YouTube channel, your viewers will always get to see something new and new subscribers will also subscribe to your channel.


Start making videos on the topic of your niche which is underrated or youtube has very few videos on these topics. This will help you to rank on low competition keyword and you will rank. The benefit of this will be that you will get initial traffic and user who want that video will subscribe as he knows you will post interesting and less competition. From there you will rank and get likes and subscription.

The examples for that low competition keyword is if your niche is about blogging then you will be posting how to take payment from the ad network. 

Friends, this is a very easy and tremendous way to be successful and become popular in YouTube.

So, friends, this was how to become a successful Youtuber and if you followed my given methods and tips properly then you will definitely be able to become a successful YouTuber and I do not think that there will be any doubt in your mind that how to become a YouTuber .

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